About Us

Our business philosophy is simple: “If we treat people right, the word gets around.” This approach is the key ingredient that has kept Mr. Window growing for the past 27 years, and kept satisfied customers coming back for more as well as referring their friends, family, and neighbors to do business with Mr. Window.

Why choose Mr. Window:

  1. Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed
  2. Twenty-seven years in business with thousands of satisfied customers
  3. Locally owned and operated family business
  4. Window and door installers are trained professional employees of Mr. Window

Our Showroom

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage a professional specialty remodeling company while providing our employees an opportunity to earn a good living and have a comfortable work environment. We strongly feel that a happy, content employee is our best assurance of building and continuing a successful business. Our uniqueness in the marketplace is based on our personal attention towards our customers during the sales presentation, throughout the installation process, and long after with any follow-up services and specialty marketing plans. This personal and individual attention separates us from our competition. We want our name to instill respect from our competition as well as prospective and past customers.

Joe Guzzi, Owner

About Joe

Joe, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved to the Indianapolis area to raise his family. Educated as a mechanical engineer, Joe transitioned into project management engineering before owning his own business, Mr. Window. When asked what he liked most about the job, Joe had this to say: “To me the most important thing we do is to provide a product that proves the customers’ investment by improving energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal in a professional and friendly manner. We have a great crew here at Mr. Window and I love meeting new people through the work.” Joe is passionate about making sure his customers receive the best products and professional installation. When he isn’t working with windows and doors, Joe spends time with his family. He also has a love of cars and spends his free time restoring and fixing classics.

Charla Seaman – General Manager

About Charla

Charla has been with Mr. Window since 2008 as the general manager. Her days typically consist of talking with prospective and established customers, coordinating sales and managing service and installation appointments. Charla wears a lot of hats at Mr. Window; she also performs the bookkeeping and human resources responsibilities. “My favorite thing about Mr. Window is the commitment to providing superior products and customer service; we’ve earned 16 consecutive Super Service Awards from Angie’s List and that makes me really proud”.

Derick Heider – Installation Assistant

About Derick

Derick comes from Anderson, Indiana. He started at Mr. Window in March of 2015 as an installer’s helper. Derick has experience through various trade programs in carpentry and installation, this background brought him to Mr. Window to learn and continue to grow in his trade. His areas of expertise are assisting installers and helping installations go smoothly and quickly. When he isn’t working and learning, Derick likes to golf and fish.

Chris Pasa – Sales Associate

About Chris

Chris Pasa has been with Mr. Window since 2005.   He was born and raised in Boone Grove, which is a small town in Northwest Indiana.  He moved to Indianapolis after attending Ball State University. He now lives here with his wife, Autumn and their daughter Audra.  Chris approaches the sales process in the same way that he would want someone to approach him.  He listens to what the customer wants and needs and helps match them up with the best product at the best value available.

Mike Sullivan – Sales Associate

About Mike

Mike hails from Brownsburg, Indiana. Previously, he worked in Marietta, Georgia, selling decking, roofing, kitchen remodeling products, replacement windows, siding, and doors. Mike maintains that outstanding salesmanship requires a complete understanding and execution of the sales process. Mike believes that honesty, integrity and customer happiness are the most important aspects of the job. His areas of expertise are sales presentation, creativity and design. Mike is a great conversationalist which is what makes him such a strong salesman for Mr. Window. He can have a conversation with anyone, anytime. When he isn’t working, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children or playing a few rounds on the golf course.

Mike Louder – Installer

About Mike

Mike has worked for Mr. Window installing windows and doors since 1994. As Mr. Window’s lead installer, Mike manages the installation worksite and makes service calls. He is particularly adept at measuring, the precision of which is the foundation of every successful window and door installation. Mike’s expertise as an installer is derived from his years of work in the field prior to joining Mr. Window. Mike is a lifelong student of continuous improvement. No matter how many windows and doors he’s installed during his career (“too many to count,” he says), he has one objective for each new job:” I try to make my next project better than the last one.” Mike’s service orientation is a great fit with Mr. Window’s. For example, he’ll do the measurements for Mr. Window jobs at night or during the weekend to accommodate customers’ schedules.

Michael Allison – Installer

About Michael

Michael has been with Mr. Window since 2002. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Michael was drawn to installing windows and doors to be able to work with customers and work outside. At Mr. Window, the entire staff is focused on the customer. “It’s hard to say what a typical day is like at Mr. Window because every day is very different. The common thread day to day is the quality we provide.”

Pat Hardy – Installer

About Pat

Hailing from Alaska and the western portion of the United States, Pat comes to Mr. Window with years of experience and knowledge in the installation industry. Previously, Pat worked in residential framing for large custom homes. He transitioned into windows and we couldn’t be happier that he is a part of the team. Pat has been with Mr. Window for the past 5 years. “A typical day for me is meeting new people, installing their windows and ending the day back at the shop. I like working with Mr. Window because of the friendly coworkers and laid-back atmosphere.” Outside of the job Pat likes spending time with his family. He also has a passion for horses and enjoys hunting.

Shawn Walker – Installer

About Shawn

Shawn has been with Mr. Window since 2014 and does a great job of making customers happy and getting the job done efficiently without sacrificing quality. Originally from Crawfordsville, Indiana, Shawn has 20 years of experience in the window and door industry. We seek out the best, highly-skilled installers and Shawn is a great example of that. The most important thing to Shawn when on the job is making our customers happy. Shawn has a mind for problem solving; he enjoys building computers, hunting and fishing in his free time.

Eli Hutson – Installation Intern

About Eli

Eli is the newest member of the Mr. Window team. As an installation intern, Eli is responsible for assisting in the installation of doors and windows. A typical day for Eli is going out to jobs with Michael Allison and Pat Hardy assisting on jobs and learning more about the industry. Eli is a valuable asset to the Mr. Window team and plays a large part in assisting installations to ensure they are completed efficiently and professionally. Outside of work, Eli enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and working out.

Goals, Concepts & Principles at Mr. Window

We sell and install windows and doors, and we service what we sell.

We work hard to maintain a top-notch reputation in the marketplace and consistently receive Angie’s List Super Saver Award. Less than 5% of the companies on Angie’s List are eligible for the award and a smaller percentage of companies are awarded the honor.

Our goal is to be the best window and door company in the Indianapolis area. There’s tough competition in our business. We face new challenges each and every day. In order to reach our goal, it’s mandatory that we demonstrate the highest level of professionalism while maintaining an acceptable level of profitability.

We do not try to be, nor do we want to be, known as the cheapest company in the business. Our business is built on the promise that we provide high quality products, manufactured by well known companies, at a reasonable price. This has been a successful concept for us throughout the years.

It’s important that we always remember we are also in the people business. We must always strive to satisfy our customers while consistently upholding sound business practices. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of our business and our uniqueness in the marketplace is based on the personal attention we provide to each prospective customer. We focus on the needs of our customers while providing sincere advice and professional guidance, in a prompt and business-like manner.

We’re privileged to have earned a high level of repeat business from our customers as well as their referrals of family members, friends and neighbors. We can’t afford to lose our reputation and edge in the marketplace by providing lesser quality products, substandard installations or discourteous attitudes.

We believe our sales, installation, and office personnel are some of the best in the business, and they treat everyone with respect and dignity.