Our Story

Before Mr. Window had a place to call home, the aging, indistinct brick building at 902 E. 106th Street had a hidden potential that suited the company perfectly. In the fall of 1991, Mr. Window purchased the property and began renovation. The Mr. Window showroom grew out of a unique history, a contemporary vision, and plenty of hard work.

From 1917 to 1962, the brick building was known as the Home Place General Store. The store not only supplied the community with many commodities — including gasoline from a hand-pumped tank, fresh-baked bread, and fresh-cut meats — but also served as a community gathering place. During warmer months, neighbors would converge upon the general store, enjoying the weather and discussing life while leaning or sitting on the large breadboxes outside the store. When the weather turned cold, the ongoing conversation moved indoors, with customers and idlers engaging in the talk of the town.

In its earliest years, the general store also doubled as a ticket station for the electric interurban railroad. By the early 1940s, the interurban railroad was history, replaced by buses. The general store later became a furnace repair shop, clothing outlet, and, as a fitting tribute to its roots, an electric train store.

Throughout the 1990s, the Mr. Window showroom received an interior and exterior facelift while preserving the building’s historic ambiance. A false ceiling was removed and transom windows were restored along the top of the 12-foot ceiling. The original beaded mauve ceiling was reconditioned and paddle fans installed to gently stir the air and recall an era when life moved at a slower pace. Brick and mortar show through the interior walls in interesting random exposures, providing a feeling of yesteryear. Exterior brick, once painted a dull beige, has been restored to its original state. Green canvas awnings now grace the outside walls. A glassed-in cedar sunroom was added in the late 1990s, and recently, a new wood floor was laid. A property expansion took place in 2004, with Mr. Window acquiring additional office space just north of the showroom property.

Today, the Mr. Window showroom both showcases products and betters the neighborhood. Mr. Window was presented the Community Enhancement Award by the Carmel Chamber of Commerce in 1996 for the work and restoration done to the building.